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Snapinsta.App which is the best Instagram story downloader that is easy to use and helps you download high quality story Instagram and with the fastest download speed.

Download Instagram Story to your phone, PC, or tablet with the highest quality. Use our Instagram video downloader with your browser. No need to install any software. Support both Android, and iOS.

Why do you need to use SnapInsta - Instagram Story Download?

Instagram Stories are full of beautiful photos and videos that users share about their lives, but they only show up for 24H.

If you are one of the many people who love to use and view Instagram Stories, but you don't know how to download them, luckily we will help you. Just enter Instagram Story URL in SnapInsta - Download Best Instagram Stories Now - We will make it easy for you to Download Instagram Story Free

How to download video instagram story?

Step 01

Enter the username of the Instagrammer you want to upload the story to in Snapinsta.App

Step 02

Select the Story you want to download

Step 03

Click Download to download video instagram story to your device.

How to insta story download to your phone?

It’s super easy. Below is our guide in detail.
  • Open instagram with browser - Chrome , Firefox , Internet, or App Instagram…
  • Choose a super fancy story
  • Click on the video you want to download video instagram story.
  • Copy the story URL from bar address
  • Paste the username to the address box.
  • Press the Download button to download instagram story online.
  • Done , your story photo or video from IG story now is on folder

How to download Instagram Stories and Highlights online?

Get the link from the Stories Instagram or copy the User Name of the Instagram you want to download.

Go to Snapinsta - Insta Story Downloader and paste the link of the story into the toolbar.

Select the Story displayed on the screen, select a story you want to download and press download.

What makes Snapinsta.App the best instagram (IG) story download?

  • The easiest and fastest tool for user
  • Always update to be the best
  • FREE!!! We only place some ads to support our development.


Is a tool to support download Instagram Story completely free. Very easy to use and does not require registration.
Check out the instructions above, Very simple and quick to download Instagram story at Snapinsta.
The relevant Instagram account must be public in order to download the featured items on Instagram . Next step, fill in the username in the field on website and click on Download link.
Oh, that's great. We have created very good anonymous Instagram Story viewer here: Instagram Story Viewer it's perfect for you!
No, you don't need to log in to your account, Snapinsta Does not ask for any information from you, so you can download anything from Instagram securely, anonymously.
Yes, but you have to wait for the video to end.
Of course, you can easily download videos, photos, story and scroll from PC See also: Download from Insta on PC.
Yes, you can, just copy the link of the post and paste it into the box on our website, then save it, for more information: Download from Insta on Android.
Just like Android, this is completely easy. See the guide to Download story Instagram for Ios.
View the history Downloads in your browser, use these shortcuts: Ctrl+J for Windows and Shift+Command+J for Mac.

Download with app SnapTik

We now provide an app for Instagram video Download. It is fast, easy, with no watermark and HD quality