12 tips to mastering instagram apps you may not know yet 2021

Daftar rekomendasi game memasak untuk Android dan iOS yang dapat dimainkan secara online dan offline.

With more than 70 million photos and videos posted to Instagram every day, whenever there’s a new event, there’s a chance you’ll see it here. People are taking lots of big and small moments and posting them on Instagram.

But to do this quickly and best, you need to use Instagram really well, including knowing the following 12 great functions, applicable to iOS and Android versions.

1. Manage your filters

With 40 filters, both old and new, you will find it annoying to choose. You can hide filters you don’t like or bring your favorites to the top of the list. Go to the bottom of the filter list and tap the Manage button and quickly tap the filter name if you want to hide them, or tap and hold if you want to bring them to the top of the list.


2. Quickly send your favorite posts to your friends

  Surely you also know that Instagram comes with a messaging system called Instagram Direct? With mailbox shape right top right corner of the screen. You can send pictures or messages to an individual or a group.
If while accessing your newsletter, you see any impressive images, such as a picture of a puppy or a pretty girl, a pretty boy, just click the cheap arrow right below the photo and select the contact you want to send.


3. Recalibrate, rotate photo or straighten your photo

With the latest update, you can re-angle, rotate or adjust image tilt, whether your photo is square or any aspect ratio. Select your photo, customize the aspect ratio to your liking and click the wrench icon, click the Adjust button. First you will recalibrate the tilt of the image with the level adjustment bar, or click on the image rotate button in the top right corner.

4. Add links to many different social networks

Facebook and Twitter are the two social networks that share photos from Instagram the most, but there are still many other social networks that Instagram supports such as Tumblr, Flickr, Swarm, Weibo, Ameba, Mixi, and VKontakte. You switch to the Personal tab and then click the cog on the right corner. Just below the Settings section you’ll find the Linked Accounts option. Then select the name of the social network you want to add.

5. Use other Instagram apps

In addition to Instagram, the company also has other applications such as Hyperlapse for creating fast-forward movies, Layout supports merging your photos into a large photo or Boomerang for recording short movies with repeating effects.


6. Change the thumbnail for your video

Take advantage of the ability to customize cover art to make your video more likes. Before you post a video, click on the square in the toolbar and swipe in the scroll bar to choose an avatar for your video.


7. Review the photos or videos that you like

Would you like to see a beautiful photo that you liked earlier? Instagram has saved the last 300 posts you liked so that you can easily review them. You switch to the Profile window and then click the cog icon, under the Account section, you will see the Posts You’ve Liked option, where you can review what you used to be. like in the form of a list or grid.

8. Review the photos you have been tagged in

Instagram doesn’t let you miss a moment. Review the photos you take with your friends by going to your Personal page and clicking on the last tab.

9. Review the places you used to go

When you add a location to your photos and then post them on Instagram, the app will aggregate and create your own photo map. You go to your personal card and choose the 3rd card (placeholder card image) to see where you have been.


10. Edit title, add friends to the posted photos

You posted a photo but forgot to add the location, title or mark your friends on the photo? Select the ° symbol at the right base of each image and choose Edit.

11. Gesture control

In the latest updates, you will have a very fast and convenient photo posting feature. You can touch the Camera icon, a series of newly taken photos will appear allowing you to easily select and post immediately. Or when you click on the camera icon you can drag left, right to switch from the Library, Photo, Video tabs easily.

12. Speed ​​up downloading content from Instagram

Due to Apple’s new policy, the Instagram version for iOS will have built-in features to save data on mobile networks (Use Less Data, which causes the download speed of photos and videos to slow down significantly. You can go to Options and turn off this feature. And you can download videos from instagram with SnapInsta.App – Best Tool Instagram Downloader. Use insta now so it’s easy and fun.

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