10 tips to use Instagram Story you may not know

In 2016, Instagram introduced the Stories feature, inspired by Snapchat. As of 2018, Instagram has twice the daily user base of Snapchat. All thanks to the user-friendly interface and the regular updates of interesting features. Check out the hidden features of Instagram Story to help you enhance your story.   You can download IG story from SnapInsta.App

1. Use selfie photo as sticker

Sometimes you want to use selfies as stickers to add a lively reaction to your story. To do this, follow these steps: Step 1. Open Story mode and take a new photo or upload an existing photo. Step 2. On the Edit screen, tap the Sticker icon or swipe up from the bottom of the screen, then click the camera sticker. Step 3. You will see a small camera interface open up, tap on it to take a selfie, then tap on it again to choose different modes.

10 tips to use Instagram Story you may not know 1

2. Share Story Highlight (hot news)

Now you can share your stored highlights with your Instagram friends and non-social media users. To share a featured news, open the Instagram profile with the featured content you want to share, then keep that highlight and from the menu that appears, choose Send to if you want to share via Instagram DM (Direct Message - Direct message) or Copy Link if you want to share on other applications, then paste the copied link where you want to share.

3. Create a one-color background for Instagram stories

If you want to give your Instagram story a single color background, you can do so without downloading a template from the Internet. Instagram provides a simple way to make a background one color but it's hidden in the options, you need to know how to pull it out. Follow the steps below:

10 tips to use Instagram Story you may not know 1

  • Step 1. Access the Story mode, take a new photo or upload a photo from the gallery.
  • Step 2. Tap the pen icon at the top.
  • Step 3. You will see the colors below, choose a favorite color, then hold anywhere on the image until the color fills the image.

4. Add interactive sticker

Instagram offers a variety of interactive stickers such as polls, emoji sliders and recently it introduced a Q&A feature called Question Sticker. You can use these stickers to get feedback from your followers. Tap on the sticker icon and choose a sticker to add it.

5. Blur the background

You must have used Instagram's built-in features to add a post to Stories. However, if you want to add a touch of elegance to your post without cutting out any cumbersome details, try the following method. This way your post will stand out in the background as if it were captured in portrait mode. To do so, go to the profile with the post you want to share. On the feed, touch and hold the photo, take a screenshot while you hold it, then upload the screenshot to your story.

6. Use the full color gamut

When using pen or writing text, many people think that Instagram only provides basic colors, but it is not. It comes in full colors so you can choose the exact shade to use just knowing how to find it.

7. Share the post to the story

If you want to share your posts or those of your friends on a story, you don't have to manually take a screenshot, now Instagram has the option to help you do this. When you share a post to a story, you can click on it. This means the user can directly access the post from the story. Here's how to do it:
  • Step 1. Go to the post you want to share on the story, then tap the Send to icon (paper airplane image).
  • Step 2. On the Send to screen, you will see the option to Add articles to your message, touch it to go to the story editing screen. Here you can add custom stickers, text or drawings.When that's done, you can turn this option off to prevent others from adding your posts to their stories

8. Regram story

If someone reminds you in their story, you will be notified via the DM. If you want you can share the story on your profile, you're basically doing the regram. To do this, when you receive a message that someone has tagged you to their story, tap the Add to your story option.

9. Hide someone's Story in the Newsfeed

If you don't want someone's Story to appear in your feed without unfollowing, you can use Instagram's new Mute feature. To hide a story, follow the steps below
  • Step 1. Open the Instagram profile you want to hide and tap on the three dots icon in the upper right corner.
  • Step 2. Then click Hide, on the menu that appears tap Hide news. If you want to see their story re-appear in your feed, just repeat the steps above and tap Unsubscribe.
Alternatively, when they post a story, keep their story icon on the home screen, then choose Hide from the pop-up menu.

10. Use the built-in template to enhance your Story image

In addition to just using your regular selfies and posting it directly to your Story, you can enhance your image using a style. The layout or the way of arranging adds to your own unique image. Instagram Story 2 There are many design tools available to help you create your own fast and unique Instagram Story template. All you need to do is take a photo, choose your favorite template and post it on Instagram Story. Surely your Stories will look attractive with the help of templates! Instructions on how to make a sticker on Instagram is one of the 10 most interesting skills to use Instagram Story today. Referring to the sticker, social media users certainly silently acknowledge how imaginative software creators are, when they have designed heart-sharp Instagram stickers, and Cloud Sticks on Instagram. full of poetic, romantic, or sticker 3 bears on Instagram unmatched kute. Who doesn't once have to say it because of their cuteness, right?

Hopefully the 10 tips above can help you elevate your Instagram Story.

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